Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Signing Up

The mods want the Big Bang challenges to be accessible to as many Sentinel fans as possible. We use our Livejournal community as the primary means of co-ordinating each challenge, but you do not need to have a Livejournal account to take part.

The only part of the challenge which requires you to visit Livejournal is sign ups, and you can sign up using an “anonymous” comment or OpenID; once you have signed up you don’t have to visit Livejournal again if you don’t want to.

We have a mailing list on YahooGroups which you can join to keep track of all our announcements: everything we post on Livejournal will also appear there. You can also follow the challenge on this site.


Ways to Participate

You can participate in the challenges in any of three roles: writer, artist and cheerleader.

Writers can sign up to write Sentinel-based fan fiction (including crossovers) which in most challenges can be single stories or a portfolio of stories linked by a theme or chronology. Writers can also submit Sentinel-based meta, that is, non-fiction essays based on The Sentinel canon, characters or themes.

Artists sign up to create fanworks that are not the written word. “Art” for us does not mean just pictures, it can cover any kind of fan work that is not writing and can be displayed on the web. For example, fanvids, music mixes, podfics/podcasts, animations and so on.

Cheerleaders are people who offer to help other participants during the creative process. Their role is to cheerlead – to read through works in progress, offer suggestions, encourage and generally keep up the writer or artist’s spirits while they work. Cheerleading is not beta-reading, because beta reading involves criticism and a cheerleader’s role should focus on the positive. But if a cheerleader wants to offer beta services as well, they can.


What would I be committing to?

In all cases, signing up to participate is a statement of intent, not a firm commitment. You can sign up to take part, and if when the deadline for your participation arrives you change your mind or are not ready, that’s fine. There are no penalties for dropping out if all you’ve done is sign up.

Each challenge has specific deadlines where we consider participants committed; these are detailed in the rules for each challenge individually.


How and when to sign up

For the dates on which sign ups are open, see the posted schedule for each challenge.

Sign ups are always in the [info]sentinelbigbang community on Livejournal. A link to the signup forms for each challenge will be posted on this website when signups open.

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