Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

2014 Big Bang

Master list of stories and artworks

Hotel Cascadia - Unbelievable2 and PattRose

Hotel Cascadia

Story by unbelievable2
Art by PattRose

Summary: Stranded in a storm and accepting the hospitality of strangers, Jim and Blair find themselves in a terrifying world where science and superstition combine to threaten their friendship, their sanity and their lives.

Warnings: Mild horror, mild gore

Scream - Kerensa and Virginia Sky


Story by Kerensa
Art by Virginia Sky

Summary: Blair starts waking up in odd places. The reason why surprises everyone.

Warnings: None

Cutting a Swath - Franscats and Starkickback

Cutting a Swath

Story by Franscats
Art by Starkickback

Summary: When Jim’s senses come on line, William sends Jim to live in an isolated area because he doesn’t want people to know an Ellison could be a “freak.” Eventually, Jim loses all contact with his father and brother. Jim becomes a soldier and then a cop while his brother, Steven, becomes a gambler and blackmailer. When Steven tries to blackmail Dr. Blair Sandburg, William convinces Blair not to press charges with the promise that he will supervise Steven. Additionally, he compensates Blair by giving him information about a man with exceptional senses.

Warnings: Violence

Sanburg and Machine, PattRose and unbelievable2

Sandburg and Machine

Story by PattRose
Art by unbelievable2

Summary: Cyber beings are not too sophisticated until Detective Jim Ellison, a prototype for a new AI robot, comes along, and he’s being field-tested as the partner for Detective Blair Sandburg, who dislikes robots, but comes to like Jim. Banks and Sandburg are the only two that know about Jim being a robot in the beginning, but it’s harder than you would think to keep the secret. It’s also very hard to keep track of the players without a program.

Warnings: Angst, violence, bad language.

Crossing Orbits - Laurie and Virginia Sky

Crossing Orbits

Story by Laurie
Art by Virginia Sky

Summary: Jimajamesell, First Heir to House Ellison meets B’lair of the Travelers while both are incarcerated on a planet far from their respective homes.

Warnings: Drowning, semi-public sex, nudity in artwork.

A Worthwhile Partnership - Katef and<br />

A Worthwhile Partnership

Story by Katef
Art by stargatesg1971

Summary: In a world where sentinels and guides are known, a very different Jim and Blair are thrown together, and must fight against the odds to create a worthwhile partnership despite their apparent incompatibility.

Warnings: Violence (artwork)

The Dreamer - PattRose and Mella68

The Dreamer

Story by PattRose
Art by Mella68

Summary: Blair Sandburg can dream things that other people could never do. He sees things that will help the police in some way. He also dreams of a policeman named Jim that needs his help. It’s up to Blair to be able to find him and help.

Warnings: Angst, violence, bad language, child abuse discussed

Salvation - Yenta49 and Morgan Briarwood


Story by Yenta49
Art by Morgan Briarwood

Summary: It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind. The universe was in upheaval; the Earth Alliance was headed rapidly toward civil war, the Centauri Republic was laying siege to the Narn worlds, and an ancient evil was rising, a war between light and darkness beneath it all. And, in the Year of the Shadow War, for two men it would also mean a new beginning and a new way of life – whether they wanted it or not.

Warnings: None

The Road to Hell - Bluewolf and alynt

The Road To Hell

Story by Bluewolf
Art by alynt

Summary: Another post TSbyBS story. Jim agrees that Blair should have a holiday with Naomi before going to the Academy…

Warnings: None

Who Sups With The Devil - Bluewolf and Courtney<br />

Who Sups With The Devil

Story by Bluewolf
Art by Courtney Mulligan

Summary: A Rainier professor is found murdered.

Warnings: None

Hearth and Home - Xanateria and AnnieB

Hearth and Home

Story by Xanateria
Art by AnnieB


Jim and Blair’s relationship started under rather extraordinary circumstances but they deal with the same problems everyone faces. How do they find time to be together and learn to open up to each other? And then there’s the not so typical problems. What do you do when being together starts to mean you can’t be apart – literally? And how do their roles of Sentinel and Guide reconcile with their modern life? The answers are definitely not close to home and will mean facing the most painful pieces of their past.

Warnings: None

Background Love - Mab and Debbie Stone

Background Love

Story by Mab
Art by Debbie Stone

Summary: A slashy retelling of first season and Flight. Blair and Jim meet five years before the series starts, in a one night stand in Seattle. When they meet again as in canon, Jim is soon aware of the possibilities that stand in the background behind the sentinel study.

Warnings: Mild nudity in artwork

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