Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

2013 Big Bang

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Walking the Maze by Mab, illustrated by PsychGirl and kernel

Walking the Maze

Story by Mab

Art by PsychGirl and kernel

Summary: What if the sexual/visionary connection between Jim and Alex came into play while everyone was still in Cascade?

Imagine That by Katef

Imagine That

Story by Katef

Art by Patt

Summary: AU standalone sequel to ‘Picture This’. Blair is undercover again, and in peril from not just the bad guys, but from an unknown threat from within the PD. Can Jim get to him in time? And will the Sentinel’s secret be ‘outted?’

Warnings for artwork: Nude drawings on
cover. Very tasteful.

To See the Face of God by AS Nightbird, art by Patt

To See the Face of God

Story by A.S. Nightbird

Art by Patt

Summary: Simon helps Jim hatch a plan to surprise Blair, but as usual, Blair has a way of finding trouble. This results in Jim’s secret being revealed. Fortunately, things work out even better than expected thanks to the men and women of Toronto’s elite Police Strategic Response Unit.

Another Chance by Bluewolf

Another Chance

Story by Bluewolf

Art by Banbury

Summary: Blair already has his PhD before he meets Jim… and when he does, he realizes almost immediately what Jim is.

The Wolves of Cascade, story by Morgan Briarwood, art by Luna_61

The Wolves of Cascade

Story by Morgan Briarwood

Art by Luna_61

Summary: Cascade. A city divided. A city traumatised by its past. The wealthy elite live in luxury, safe in their high towers. In the city below, the streets are ruled by the “Wolfpack”: the ruthless street gang that rose to dominance in the wake of the Red Night Riot. Cybernetic surgeon Blair Sandburg could have been one of the elite but, pulled into the Wolfpack through some bad choices, he now sees no way out of the criminal underworld. Jim Ellison is a man with a mission and a secret he must keep at all costs. His quest leads him to risk a journey through the depths of the Wolfpack’s territory to Sandburg’s door, beginning an adventure that will change the lives of both men.

Bleeding Daylight by Xanateria, art by stargatesg1971

Bleeding Daylight

Story by Xanateria

Art by stargatesg1971

Summary: Blair Sandburg accepted a long time ago that life with Jim Ellison meant accepting the dangers of police work. But, when one close call too many changes Jim’s perspective, they leave police work behind to start their own consulting company, The Watchmen Group. Years later, Aaron Hotchner likes his life just the way it is, but fate has other ideas. A story that teaches the benefits to making new friends and why it’s always good to choose to walk the path you least expected.

So Dire A Love by Psychgirl, art by Unbelievable2

So Dire A Love

Story by PsychGirl

Art by Unbelievable2

Summary: There’s no limit to the depths Blair will descend to for Jim.

Star-child by Laurie, art by Mella68


Story by Laurie

Art by mella68

Summary: Ranger Jim Ellison of the Space Services is stationed on the planet Homestead for a six month rotation. His duties include handling trade arrangements with the Maven, the isolationist, matriarchal society that governs the planet. Blair Star-child was returned to Homestead following his mother’s death, but despite the Maven’s attempts to integrate him with his mother’s people, he desperately wants to leave. Jim’s intrigued by Blair, but he has no intention of falling in love, bonding, or promising Blair anything except sex. As Jim learns, Blair is willing to do anything for the chance to escape. And it’s Jim’s job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The Witness by Kerensa and Patt, art by Unbelievable2

The Witness

Story by Kerensa and Patt

Art by Unbelievable2

Summary: Blair is the only witness to a terrible crime that even Blair doesn’t truly understand. He is sent to a safe house with a Cascade detective named Jim Ellison. What exactly did Blair see and how will he help solve the case?

Missing Persons by unbelievable2, art by stargatesg1971

Missing Persons

Story by unbelievable2

Art by stargatesg1971

Summary: Shortly after the dissertation issue, Blair and Jim are still uncertain of each other and where the recent past has left them, as friends. Before they can sort things out, they find their position in the PD called into question. Blair, the primary target, goes off on a search for answers. Jim, meanwhile, finds his life deeply affected by the absence of his Guide and friend. His immediate reaction is to go looking for Blair, but not only are the two of them suffering from a failure to communicate, their separate personal missions are also dangerously uncoordinated. It’s not long before they’re both in real danger.

Growing Pains by Emerald with art by AnnieB

Growing Pains

Story by Emerald

Art by AnnieB

Summary: Senior Sentinel Ellison and his Guide are in Washington DC to testify on behalf of the Department of Sentinel Affairs when a new Sentinel suddenly comes on-line. Unfortunately, NCIS Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs isn’t interested in becoming a Sentinel and he sure isn’t interested in his surprise Guide, leaving the Senior Pair with a situation that hasn’t happened in a very long time, made worse by personal agendas and a dangerous escape.

The Iron Ring by Franscats with art by Debbie Stone

The Iron Ring

Story by Franscats

Art by Debbie Stone

Summary: By order of the Commissioner, Blair Sandburg, Cadet of the Year, gets paired with Jim Ellison, Cop of the Year. Jim grudgingly accepts Blair as his partner and they work together to track down a serial killer. During the investigation, Blair discovers that Jim is a sentinel and offers to help Jim with his senses while studying him and using Jim as the subject of his dissertation. The partnership is successful and the pair become friends. A year later, Blair’s dissertation is released without his consent. The story follows what would happen to Jim and Blair if Blair didn’t deny his dissertation and Jim’s secret was revealed to the world.

The Weight of Love by Patt

The Weight of Love

Story by Patt

Art by Banbury

Summary: William is still recovering from his heart surgery and getting to know his boys and their families. Little does he know how many changes that will involve.

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