Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

2012 Reverse Bang

2012 Sentinel Reverse Bang


Poor Little Girl (Patt and Snailbones)

Summary: Someone is back in Cascade and ready to find Jim and remind him of what they used to have. Too bad, Jim doesn’t feel the same way.

Black Knight (BrynnH and Katef)

Summary: When undercover Vice cop Jim Ellison is compelled to rescue the victim of a serious assault, the consequences of his action will change his life for ever.

You’re My Fantasy (Lapetite Kiki and Debbie Stone)

Summary: Jim and Blair explore one of Jim’s fantasies.

The World Between (Banbury and Bluewolf)

Summary: When he was dying, Incacha passed the way of the shaman to Blair. But what does this mean for Blair?

The Silence of Eagles Nest (Mella and Morgan Briarwood)

Summary: Five years ago, Jim was a cop in Cascade. Now he’s a sherrif in a frontier town a hundred years ago. How did it happen? A crazy man in a blue box, that’s how. More important, how will he ever get back home?

This Dream of Distant Light (Debbie Stone and enigmaticblues)

Summary: Blair’s new advisor doesn’t like his subject of study.

Copy, Copy, Copy (Patt and Kerensa)

Summary: Jim and Blair, as seen through the years and different incarnations. What happened after Blair denounced himself?

To Bind Our Souls by Gold (Zelempa and Alex McLeod)

Summary: James Ellison is the CEO of a company mining for gold in Peru. When multiple accidents happen at the mine, he must take matters into his own hands and deal with the problem. But finding who is sabotaging the mine is only the first of his problems. The other is the person from his dreams.

Digging up Death (SCH and Arianna)

Summary: Toward the end of season three, after Crossroads but before Night Shift, Blair’s having nightmares and a recently excavated ancient artifact of the god of Death is more than it seems.

There’s No Place Like Home (Debbie Stone and PsychGirl)

Summary: Blair disappeared from the hospital the day after Jim brought him back to life at the fountain. Jim’s been searching for him for over six months, with no success. Now Jim has found him, working in a small town in Kansas. But is he the same Blair Sandburg? And can the two of them get the connection that they had at the fountain back?

Ripples (Akablonded and Franscats)

Summary: Jim and Blair investigate the murder of a family. While solving the crime, they learn something about themselves and each other.

Fun and Family in Vegas (Ceares and Ariestess)

Summary: Years ago, Jim and Blair had a positive encounter with a female Sentinel. Now they get to meet their kids during a fun weekend in Vegas.

The Lazox Connection (Morgan Briarwood/FlitterFlutterFly)

Summary: When the starship Cascade crash lands on the mysterious, swamp planet of Qecban, the empathic diplomat Blair is separated from the crew and lost in the jungle alone against unknown predators. There he meets a native called J’m and through learning his tragic stories and his way of life is opened to a new type of emotional connection.

Busman’s Holiday (Beth and Caitriona)

Summary: Jim and Blair never seem to be able to make it through a vacation without tripping over a case. Even a simple fishing trip turns into a busman’s holiday.

Unauthorized Affair (Lapetite Kiki and Ceares)

Summary: Blair’s not ready for a Sentinel, Jim doesn’t want a Guide but we all know life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.

Chrysalis (Helvetica4ever and Mab Browne)

Summary: Jim Ellison has five enhanced senses and a secret. When he decides to flee the planet Cubero on the space hauler Monarch, his secret puts both Jim and the hauler’s owner, Blair Sandburg, in danger.

Hostage (Ceares and Patt)

Summary: Jim wants to protect Blair at all costs and he doesn’t care what he has to do.

The Land of Tears (Beth and enigmaticblues)

Summary: After a tough case, Jim knows they need to get away.

A Dismantled Life (Patt/DebbieT)

Summary: When a perfect vacation gets interrupted, Jim and Blair both struggle to return life to normal. Will they see each other again? Or is it the end of Sentinel and Guide?

The Coldest Winter (Banbury/AnnieB)

Summary: She’s determined to get him back. Nothing will stop her. Not hell, high water, or Blair Sandburg.

Upon a Mountain’s Edge (Pete Paulos and Laurie_ky)

Summary: Book Three in A Glimmering From Afar series. A task force created to put a stop to the human trafficking of bastards to fund a terrorist group asks for Jim’s and Blair’s help, using a sweet-root and stick approach. If they agree, they will be risking their bond, their lives, and for Blair, his mind and body.

Into Africa (Aeryianya and BrynnH)

Summary: While in Africa on an expedition, Blair finds a man that changes his life.

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