Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

2011 Big Bang

Lies by [info]pattrose with art by [info]flitter_and_fly

Summary: Jim thinks that he and Blair are in love. Blair doesn’t agree. Or at least he doesn’t think he does.

Honor Killing? by [info]bluewolf with art by [info]cluesby4

Summary: There is a serial killer in Cascade. With the fourth death, the case is moved from Homicide to Major Crime.

Holding On by [info]nat_1228 with art by [info]mella68 and [info]pattrose

Summary: Blair returns to South America to bring Jim back to Cascade. At home in Cascade, both men have demons to wrestle: Blair with PTSD flashbacks and an unexpected medical condition, and Jim with extreme prejudice on the part of his fellow police department peers.

And Weigh Our Sorrow With Our Comfort by [info]laurie_ky with art by [info]stoneygirl77

Summary: Blair knows he hasn’t been at his best for the last three months, after he and Jim returned from their trip to Ireland. When he begins sleepwalking again, he tries to handle the feelings of depression and anger he’s been denying after destroying his birthright, but without much success. Blair’s dreams hold the answer but in order to gain control again of his life, he and Jim must make a journey both in the physical world and on the spirit plane.

The Long Flight Home by [info]stoneygirl77 with art by [info]pattrose

Summary: This takes place months after the dissertation disaster and Blair did not go to the academy. Blair realizes he is not cop material. Jim has been very distant and cold toward Blair. He encourages Blair to take a trip to NYC to see Naomi and Blair takes that as a signal that Jim wants him out. Blair takes the trip to see his mother and returns early to talk with Jim about their friendship. Lets just say it involves a highway, a plane crash a hero and hot sex.

Fairly Cracked Tales by [info]strifesmistress with art by [info]banbury

Summary: Jim and Blair are seen in a series of fairy tales, from Sleeping Beauty to The Three Little Pigs.

New Beginnings by [info]annieb1955 with art by [info]lapetite_kiki

Summary: Jim Ellison is a cop who’s retired from the PD due to the problems he’s having with his senses. He and his son, Joe, aged 5, move to a small town named Chinook where they set up house in a rundown house and meet Blair Sandburg, the local pharmacist. Very loosely based on the movie “Murphy’s Romance”.

Apple Pie and Chevrolet by [info]swellison with art by [info]annieb1955

Summary: Jim Ellison and Dean Winchester meet at Cashmere’s Apple Harvest Festival when they’re both asked to judge the apple pie contest. Story takes place October 2003, post-TSBS and 2 years pre-Supernatural’s first season.

In Our Time of Need by [info]laurie_ky with art by [info]mella68 and [info]pattrose

Summary: Blair goes to Denver to help train a new sentinel and guide pair who bonded under traumatic circumstances; Jim comes along, not willing to be apart from Blair. For four men, choices will be made that will affect them the rest of their lives.

William’s Boys by [info]pattrose with art by [info]zelempa

Summary: How does Jim feel when he hears the news about his father having a heart attack? Will he and Steven grow closer or will it force them further apart?

A Thin Strand Of Winter by [info]mab_browne with art by [info]helvetica4ever

Summary: In the aftermath of ‘The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg’, Blair turns down the offer of a badge. Jim makes a hard decision of his own.

And the World Was Changed by [info]bluewolf with art by [info]flitter_and_fly

Summary: An AU set in the 24th century. In a world where sentinels are known, all guides are the short-lived clones of the only natural-born guides ever identified, a century earlier… but the system is collapsing.

Healing – A Sentinel, Guide Story by [info]franscats with art by [info]oescahro

Summary: When the government discovered who and what sentinels were, it created an institute to protect and care for these special people. The Sentinel Institute, citing historical references to sentinels having guardians, claimed it should be given legal guardianship of the sentinels. Laws were passed revoking sentinels’ rights and making them wards of the state. Unfortunately, “protect and care” was not part of the Institute’s agenda and sentinels were enslaved and abused for five years until the Institute’s abuses were exposed by legal teams working on behalf of sentinels to restore their rights. Laws which had enslaved the sentinels were repealed and Dr. Blair Sandburg, an expert on sentinels who was instrumental in getting the laws overturned, was made director of a new agency that was designed to help sentinels with their reintegration into society. Of course, many of the sentinels were distrustful of the new agency and of so called guides. Part of Blair’s job was to get past the distrust and help the sentinels find guides who would support them. Jim Ellison, one of the surviving sentinels, wanted neither a guide nor help from the new agency ultimately, leading to a confrontation with Guide Blair Sandburg.

Lost and Found by [info]xanateria with art by [info]stargatesg1971

Summary: They say life is what happens when you make other plans. After leaving a stressful job in Cascade, former detective Jim Ellison never intended to work in canine search and rescue. But he finds that he likes the solitude his new life offers. When graduate student Blair Sandburg goes missing, Jim learns that sometimes we find exactly what we need when we run away from what we can’t handle, and just because you rescue someone doesn’t mean they won’t rescue you right back. A story that teaches us that when it comes to destiny, no matter how complicated it seems, man’s best friend really does know best.

Protect and Serve by [info]rabid_x with art by [info]scherwood and [info]otherpervert

Summary: Dean and Sam Winchester are trying to figure out why Lucifer’s minions are killing folks with heightened senses. Meanwhile, in Cascade, Jim Ellison’s nightmare are turning his senses off. Will the Winchesters and the angel Castiel be able to reach The Sentinel and his guide before it’s too late?

Life Goes On by [info]oescahro with art by [info]aerianya

Summary: Blair returns to Cascade after being gone for five years. Simon who sees him first makes him feel very unwelcome and tells him to leave. Blair the Shaman is different from the Blair who left Cascade, as Simon finds out. Jim is caught between his two friends.

The Essential Sentinel by [info]magician113 and [info]snycock with art by [info]alynt

Summary: This is a series of essays covering 25 episodes that we feel are “essential” viewing. The essays describe the episodes, and provide analysis on why we think these are the crucial ones to watch.  We have also supplied links to episode-related stories for your further reading pleasure.

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