Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

2010 Big Bang

Hearing the Call by [info]bluewolf458 with art by [info]annieb1955

Summary: Post TSbyBS, Blair leaves after Jim’s life is threatened.

Baby Steps by [info]raine_wynd with art by [info]zelempa

Summary: Every relationship has its bumps in the road — but can Blair really cope with this latest change? Sequel to Unexpected Delivery (Love’s a Surprise Slash Remix), but stands alone.

Testament by [info]janedavitt with art by [info]1orelei

Summary: A sequel to Legacy, which told the story of Jim and Blair meeting in prison. Testament picks up their story when Blair is released, leaving Jim with almost two years left to serve of his sentence and Brackett keen to move in for the kill.

Sensing Pandora by [info]brynnh87 with art by [info]pattrose

Summary: Blair is in the Avatar program and is paired with a human soldier, Jim Ellison. They find that he is Cha’la’lei (a Sentinel) and endeavor to find out what that means for them and for the Omaticaya.

Song of the Rolling Earth by [info]snycock with art by [info]extraonions

Summary: Set in the American West in the 1860’s, this is the story of how Blair Sandburg became a Pony Express rider, and met his destiny along the way.

Winds of Change by [info]nat_1228 with art by [info]cluesby4

Summary: In the wake of the dissertation disaster, Blair has been offered a place in the PD by Jim’s side. Before he attends the academy for the summer, Blair decides he needs some space. He goes to visit a friend in Oklahoma and gets caught up with storm chasing. Tornadoes are awesome forces of nature and Blair is excited by the adventure and danger inherent in the chase. But how will Jim feel about it when he finds out?

It Really Is About Friendship by [info]debbiet with art by [info]mella68

Summary: Blair Sandburg is living on the streets of Cascade, a victim of circumstances, when he witnesses a murder. As a result, he’s a target of a major crime family, receiving protection from Detective Jim Ellison of the Cascade Police Department. A shaky, cautious friendship develops.

Life For Rent by [info]cross_stitchery with art by [info]pattrose

Summary: Following his near death experience in Sentinel Too, Blair struggles to come to terms with how it has affected his life.

What Happens in Small Towns, What Happens in Big Cities by [info]mab_browne with art by [info]helvetica4ever

Summary: In this ‘canon’ AU, Grace took Jim with her when she left, and he spent his teen years in a small town where he met Blair. Jim is only a couple of years older than Blair in these stories.

Cult of Personality by [info]zelempa with art by [info]alynt

Summary: The sound of his own hoarse voice was surprising. It was probably no louder than a whisper, but it sounded like a shout against a background of nothing. At least he knew he wasn’t deaf.

He rolled his tongue over his swollen lip. Wherever he was, he hadn’t been here long. His mouth was still bleeding.

He was beginning to regret, now, that the last words he’d formed with that mouth had been, “You want to help me, Sandburg, leave me the fuck alone!”

Cascading Spirits by [info]mlebayre with art by [info]banbury

Summary: Two sets of brothers from opposite worlds, both hunted and hunter. A few murders and a past that simply refuses to die.

The Unexpected Blair Sadndburg by [info]caarianna with art by [info]lapetite_kiki

Summary: The story is set immediately post series and explores the differences between perceptions, expectations, and reality. Has Jim ever really seen Blair as a man in his own right? Or for him, is Blair only the longhaired, hyperactive, perennial grad student tagalong who helped him with his senses?

Path of Sorrow by [info]laurie_ky with art by [info]luna_61

Summary: In a rigid class society, bastard Blair Sandburg has worked hard for his education and is currently doing research for his doctorate on the tropical planet of Quyllur. Jim Ellison thumbed his nose at what his father expected of him and became an Orion’s Hunter, and then a Protecter. Their paths are about to cross when a new drug hits the streets of Cascade, New Rainier.

Chasing the Storm by [info]sgjacksgirl with art by [info]alyburns

Summary: An old friend of Blair’s has been asking him for years to visit. Since his academic career is down the drain, Blair takes the time before entering the academy, to visit his friend during tornado season in Oklahoma, but will he survive the storm? Set after TSbyBS.

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