Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Sentinel Big Bang

Mission Statement

Sentinel Big Bang aims to bring together the creative talents of The Sentinel fandom in a fannish fiction and art fest. The first Sentinel Big Bang took place in 2010; we now hope this will be an annual event.

A Big Bang is a showcase of creative talent in fandom, and Sentinel fandom has a lot of talent. Writers and fan artists collaborate on on projects and the end result is a fest of Sentinel stories, non-fiction essays, artworks and multimedia for everyone to enjoy!

In 2012, took a break from the traditional Big Bang format and, in an effort to involve Sentinel fans who prefer shorter stories, we are instead running a Reverse Bang and a Mini Bang. For 2013 and 2014 we returned to the regular Big Bang format, but may (if the participants want it) try the Reverse and Mini bangs again in 2015.


Challenge Moderators

The mods for the challenge are Morgan Briarwood and Patt Rose.


Taking part in the challenge

The [info]sentinelbigbang community on Livejournal is used to co-ordinate the challenge and to collate all the stories and other fan works. For those who are not Livejournal members, we also have a mailing list on Yahoo Groups. All messages posted on LJ are copied to the Yahoo list. The challenge is open to all fans of The Sentinel, whether they are Livejournal users or not. The mods will do everything we can to make the community and the challenge accessible to those who prefer not to use Livejournal.

See Signing Up for more information about how to take part.


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