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Welcome to 2014 – counting down...

Welcome to 2014 – counting down to our next big bang

The challenge schedule for 2014 is now ready. As always, the schedule is not set in stone – things may change if RL issues or internet disaster should intervene. But it sets out our plan for the year and Patt and I generally manage to stick to it. The big bang rules, submission guide and […]

Welcome, and an overview for those ne...

Welcome, and an overview for those new to the Big Bang

Signups have only been open for a few days and I’m thrilled to see so many new people joining our big bang! (Or are some of you former participants with new usernames?) Welcome, all, and I hope you have fun with the big bang. I thought I should give you a brief overview for those […]

Signups for Big Bang 2013 are now ope...

Signups for Big Bang 2013 are now open!

Signups for this year’s Sentinel Big Bang are now open. To take part in the Big Bang as a writer or as an artist you must sign up by commenting on the appropriate post on Livejournal. However, if you are not a Livejournal user, this is the only part of the challenge where using that […]

Changes to Big Bang schedule and rule...

Changes to Big Bang schedule and rules for 2013

Hi, everyone Patt and I have been discussing some changes to the way we do things as we return to the regular big bang format for next year. I have posted the new draft schedule, big bang rules, faq and submission guides for rough and final drafts. These are all in draft until January so […]

Announcing the Sentinel Mini-Bang!

Announcing the Sentinel Mini-Bang!

Our second TS fic challenge of the year – the Sentinel Mini-Bang starts TOMORROW. What is a mini-bang? It’s the same as a big bang, but smaller. Writers sign up to write something Sentinel-related: stories, meta or a mixture of both. Artists will create artworks: pictures, vids or music, to accompany or illustrate their assigned […]

Reverse Bang update and posting sched...

Reverse Bang update and posting schedule

Hi, everyone! We have all but two of the stories in for the reverse bang and we’re almost ready to begin posting. If both the artist and writer have submitted their final drafts, you should have received an email from the mods asking you to check the project post. Please reply to this email! We’ll […]

Artists! A reminder about rough draft...

Artists! A reminder about rough drafts

Artists, please remember that on the rough drafts there can be no text. That means wording of any kind. If there is something on the rough draft, perhaps you could blur it until it becomes the final draft. According to the rules, you can have the text on the finished project, just not the rough […]

Happy 2012! Reverse Bang Introduction...

Happy 2012! Reverse Bang Introduction, Rules and FAQ

An introduction for our first challenge of 2012 has been posted by Patt in our livejournal community: