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Checkpoint #3

Jim and Blair

Here’s our third checkpoint and discussion of the 2017 Sentinel Big Bang. And I need to open with an apology. I let the ball drop last checkpoint – a family crisis – and I know I’ve been AWOL since then. I will do my best to be more present going forward. If you have contacted […]

Big Bang checkpoint #1 (2017)


Here’s our first checkpoint of the 2017 Sentinel Big Bang. Leaving Livejournal? LJ’s Russian Overlords are at it again, and there’s been another exodus from LJ. Patt and I have discussed it and we are going to keep the big bang on LJ for now.

Big Bang sign-ups for 2017 are now op...


Links to sign up posts: Writer signups Artist signups Cheerleader requests and offers post Beta requests and offers post

Anniversary Big Bang timetable and ch...


Hi, everyone! Here’s the final timetable for our Anniversary Big Bang and the last checkpoint for Anniversary writers. The Anniversary Big Bang is our second of this special year, and is for brand new, stand-alone works. The schedule is: Last day for Writer signups – 17 June Writers’ deadline for submissions – 24 June Last […]

Nostalgia Big Bang commemorative book


Our Sentinel Nostalgia Collection is now available to order! The book contains selections from all eight of the Nostalgia Big Bang projects.

Art deadline reminder


A reminder for our artists – the deadline for your final copy is this FRIDAY – 11 March. If you need more time we will do our best to be flexible, but please remember you must contact us before the deadline day to ask for an extension. For the Nostalgia Big Bang, the plan is […]

Artist Checkpoint

Jim and Blair

It’s checkpoint time for our Big Bang artists! The usual disclaimer applies: all checkpoints are optional. If you don’t want to check in, you don’t have to. What’s a checkpoint for artists? It’s a chance to share with the Big Bang community some hints about the joys to come. Tell us a little about the […]

Nostalgia Big Bang art claims


Hi everyone! The art claims post for the Nostalgia Big Bang is now open:  

Deadline change for Anniversary Big B...


First things first – to all our readers, writers and artists, happy holidays (whatever the December hol means to you), and let’s look forward to a wonderful new year! Second, the Anniversary Big Bang deadline is officially moving to fit in with the anniversary auction etc. We don’t have a firm date for the auction […]

Nostalgia Big Bang – final chec...


This checkpoint is for the Nostalgia Big Bang only. As always, checking in is entirely optional. Target for Checkpoint #5: If you're pacing your writing to the checkpoint schedule, you should now be about done with the first draft and thinking about sending your story to beta. It's totally fine if you're not there yet […]