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Unauthorized Affair (Lapetite Kiki/Ce...

Unauthorized Affair (Lapetite Kiki/Ceares)

Genre: Slash (Jim/Blair) Rating: R Warnings (artwork): not work safe Warnings (story): None Wordcount: 4,200 Author’s Note: Thanks Felicia for the beta. I added a lot after that, so any and all mistakes are mine. Special thanks to the Mods for being so awesome while I fumbled and bumbled around and to Pattrose particularly for […]

Busman’s Holiday (Beth/Caitriona)

Busman’s Holiday (Beth/Caitriona)

Genre: Gen, drama Rating: PG13/T Warnings (artwork): None Warnings (story): None. Wordcount: 5,600 Summary: Jim and Blair never seem to be able to make it through a vacation without tripping over a case. Even a simple fishing trip turns into a busman’s holiday. Link: Busman’s Holiday

The Lazox Connection (Morgan Briarwoo...

The Lazox Connection (Morgan Briarwood/FlitterFlutterFly)

Genre: Slash (Jim/Blair), AU, Sci-Fi Rating: NC17 Warnings (artwork): None. Warnings (story): Violence, Explicit Sexual Activities (m/m) Wordcount: 12,000 Author’s Note: Beta’d by Bluewolf. For the Sentinel Reverse Big Bang and the two beautiful pieces by Morgan (briarwood). Some of the space aspect is based on Star Trek, but some also is my own creation. […]

Fun and Family in Vegas (Ceares/Aries...

Fun and Family in Vegas (Ceares/Ariestess)

Genre: Slash (Jim/Blair), Crossover (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Division, Women’s Murder Club) Rating: PG Warnings (artwork): None Warnings (story): None Wordcount: 3,700 Author’s Note: What You Need to Know: About five and half years ago, Jim and Blair discovered that there were others like them. Not the hell that Alexis put them through, but […]

Ripples (Akablonded/Franscats)

Ripples (Akablonded/Franscats)

Genre: Pre-slash (Jim/Blair) Rating: PG Warnings (artwork): not work safe Warnings (story): Depiction of a murder scene where a family is killed. Wordcount: 7,400 Author’s Note: I would like to acknowledge my beta for this story, Magician113. She was incredibly supportive and patient with my mistakes and my questions. Summary: Jim and Blair investigate the […]

There’s No Place Like Home (Debbie St...

There’s No Place Like Home (Debbie Stone/PsychGirl)

Genre: Slash (Jim/Blair), angst, AU Rating: R Warnings (artwork): None Warnings (story): None Wordcount: 12,600 Author’s Note: This takes a left turn shortly after the beginning of Sentinel, Too Part Two and goes AU from there. Thank you to my terrific betas, Magician and T.W. Lewis, for your help and support. All mistakes herein are […]

Digging up Death (SCH/Arianna)

Digging up Death (SCH/Arianna)

Genre: Gen, Crossover (Supernatural) Rating: PG-13 Warnings (artwork): Blood and gore. Warnings (story): Mild horror, violence. Wordcount: 23,300 Author’s Note: My thanks to Sara, whose wonderful artwork and vision inspired this story. And to Morgan and PattRose, for coordinating the 2012 Reverse Bang. And, as always, to StarWatcher for her beta. Summary: Toward the end […]

To Bind Our Souls by Gold (Zelempa/Al...

To Bind Our Souls by Gold (Zelempa/Alex McLeod)

Genre: Slash, AU Rating: PG Warnings (artwork): None Warnings (story): None Wordcount: 3,900 Summary: James Ellison is the CEO of a company mining for gold in Peru. When multiple accidents happen at the mine, he must take matters into his own hands and deal with the problem. But finding who is sabotaging the mine is […]

Copy, Copy, Copy (Patt/Kerensa)

Copy, Copy, Copy (Patt/Kerensa)

Genre: Slash; angst, death fic, sort of, futurefic Rating: R Warnings (artwork): None. Warnings (story): Character death (see end of story for more info). Wordcount: 5,500 Author’s Notes: I want to thank my daughter, Caitlin, for her suggestion of the name ‘tome station’, it was a very big help. I also want to thank my […]

This Dream of Distant Light (Debbie S...

This Dream of Distant Light (Debbie Stone/enigmaticblues)

Genre: Slash, AU Rating: R Warnings (artwork): None. Warnings (story): None. Wordcount: 6,500 Author’s Note: Technically, the Guarani are a large people group with many tribes, but then, the Powers That Be made up the Chopec, so I thought I’d take some liberties. Summary: Blair’s new advisor doesn’t like his subject of study Link: This […]