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Another Chance by Bluewolf, illustrat...

Another Chance by Bluewolf, illustrated by Banbury

Genre: Gen, AU Rating: All audiences Warnings: None Summary: Blair already has his PhD before he meets Jim… and when he does, he realizes almost immediately what Jim is. Another Chance Author’s Notes: Many thanks to Nat for the beta.

To See the Face of God by AS Nightbir...

To See the Face of God by AS Nightbird, illustrated by Patt

Genre: Slash, crossover (The Sentinel/Flashpoint/The Listener) Rating: PG Warnings: Slash (Jim/Blair) but nothing more explicit than kissing Summary: Simon helps Jim hatch a plan to surprise Blair, but as usual Blair has a way of finding trouble. This results in Jim’s secret being revealed. Fortunately, things work out even better than expected thanks to the […]

Imagine That by Katef, illustrated by...

Imagine That by Katef, illustrated by Patt

Genre: Slash , angst, hurt/comfort Rating: Mature (MAVS) Warnings: Mature themes, bigotry, nude drawings on the cover art (very tasteful) Summary: AU standalone sequel to Picture This. Blair is undercover again, and in peril from not just the bad guys, but from an unknown threat from within the PD. Can Jim get to him on […]

Walking the Maze by Mab, illustrated ...

Walking the Maze by Mab, illustrated by PsychGirl and Kernel

Genre: Slash and Het (Jim/Alex, Jim/Blair/Alex, Jim/Blair) Rating: Mature (MAVS) Warnings: Choose not to warn Summary: What if the sexual/visionary connection between Jim and Alex came into play while everyone was still in Cascade? Walking the Maze Author’s Notes: I think it’s worth noting for potentially nervous readers that the end-game pairing for this fic […]