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2013 Master List

2013 Master List

Download all projects in ebook format: epub | mobi | pdf Walking the Maze Story by Mab Art by PsychGirl and kernel Summary: What if the sexual/visionary connection between Jim and Alex came into play while everyone was still in Cascade? Imagine That Story by Katef Art by Patt Summary: AU standalone sequel to ‘Picture […]

The Weight of Love by Patt, illustrat...

The Weight of Love by Patt, illustrated by Banbury

Genre: Slash Rating: Mature Warnings: Kidfic Summary: William is still recovering from his heart surgery and getting to know his boys and their families. Little does he know how many changes that will involve. The Weight of Love Author’s Notes: This is a sequel of sorts to William’s Boys and William’s Family.  I had quite […]

The Iron Ring by Franscats, illustrat...

The Iron Ring by Franscats, illustrated by Debbie Stone

Genre: Slash, AU Rating: R (for violence) Warnings: Violent murder scene Summary: By order of the Commissioner, Blair Sandburg, Cadet of the Year, gets paired with Jim Ellison, Cop of the Year. Jim grudgingly accepts Blair as his partner and they work together to track down a serial killer. During the investigation, Blair discovers that […]

Growing Pains by Emerald, illustrated...

Growing Pains by Emerald, illustrated by AnnieB

Genre: Slash, crossover (The Sentinel/NCIS) Rating: FR21 Warnings: Choose not to warn Summary: Senior Sentinel Ellison and his Guide are in Washington DC to testify on behalf of the Department of Sentinel Affairs when a new Sentinel suddenly comes on-line. Unfortunately, NCIS Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs isn’t interested in becoming a Sentinel and he sure […]

Missing Persons by Unbelievable2, ill...

Missing Persons by Unbelievable2, illustrated by stargatesg1971

Genre: Slash Rating: Mature Warnings: Moderate violence, swearing, scenes of a sexual nature Summary: Shortly after the dissertation issue, Blair and Jim are still uncertain of each other and where the recent past has left them, as friends. Before they can sort things out, they find their position in the PD called into question. Blair, […]

The Witness by Kerensa and Patt, illu...

The Witness by Kerensa and Patt, illustrated by Unbelievable2

Genre: Pre-slash Rating: Mature (R) Warnings: Violence and angst Summary: Blair is the only witness to a terrible crime that even Blair doesn’t truly understand. He is sent to a safe house with a Cascade detective named Jim Ellison. What exactly did Blair see and how will he help solve the case? The Witness Author’s […]

Star-child by Laurie, illustrated by ...

Star-child by Laurie, illustrated by mella68

Genre: Slash, angst, sci-fi, AU, bonding Rating: Mature Warnings: Dub-con, public sex, D/s dynamics, mention of past self-harming attempts and an ‘off-screen’ medical sexual assault. There is no dub-con between Jim and Blair. Summary: Ranger Jim Ellison of the Space Services is stationed on the planet Homestead for a six month rotation. His duties include […]

So Dire a Love by PsychGirl, illustra...

So Dire a Love by PsychGirl, illustrated by Unbelievable2

Genre: Slash Rating: R Warnings: Angst, supernatural stuff. Summary: There’s no limit to the depths Blair will descend to for Jim. So Dire a Love Author’s Notes:This is a sequel/fix-it of sorts to my story Essential Truths. You don’t have to have read that to understand this story, all you need to know is that […]

Bleeding Daylight by Xanateria, illus...

Bleeding Daylight by Xanateria, illustrated by stargatesg1971

Genre: Slash, Crossover (The Sentinel/Criminal Minds) with some cameo appearances from a couple of other fandoms Rating: NC17…oh my goodness, yes Warnings: Canon-typical violence, mentions of murders and assaults that happen ‘off-screen’. Summary: Blair Sandburg accepted a long time ago that life with Jim Ellison meant accepting the dangers of police work. But, when one […]

The Wolves of Cascade by Morgan Briar...

The Wolves of Cascade by Morgan Briarwood, illustrated by Luna_61

Genre: Slash, cyberpunk AU Rating: Adult Warnings: Brief but graphic violence, dark themes, torture and the aftermath Summary: Cascade. A city divided. A city traumatised by its past. The wealthy elite live in luxury, safe in their high towers. In the city below, the streets are ruled by the “Wolfpack”: the ruthless street gang that […]