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Anniversary Big Bang Master List

Jim and Blair

The master list of all our Anniversary Big Bang stories is below. If you missed our Nostalgia Big Bang in March, you can find a master list of all the anniversary and nostalgia stories right here. Don’t forget you can also buy the Nostalgia BB stories in book form, too! As always, there are e-book […]

Nostalgia Big Bang commemorative book


Our Sentinel Nostalgia Collection is now available to order! The book contains selections from all eight of the Nostalgia Big Bang projects.

Sentinel Nostalgia Big Bang master li...


Happy Anniversary, Sentinel! In honour of the 20th anniversary of the Sentinel premier, our Nostalgia Big Bang is now live.

A Creepy Domicile

The House on Rochester Street

A Creepy Domicile (Art by PattRose, story by Franscats) Genre: Gen Rating: G Warnings: None Summary: Blair is asked to help inventory the library in a house with an infamous past.

Even At Rainier

Even At Rainier

Even At Rainier (Art by PattRose; story by Bluewolf) Genre: Gen Rating: Not Rated Warnings: None Summary: Blair is in hospital after being shot

The Book

The Book

The Book (Art by unbelievable2; story by Franscats) Genre: Slash, Humor Rating: Not rated Warnings: Mild slash Summary: Blair is given a book of spells – and then he tries a few.

The Long Dawn

A Dark Road

The Long Dawn (Art by AnnieB; story by Bluewolf) Genre: Gen Rating: Not rated Warnings: Death of a main character Summary: When Jim sees as young man walking along the road he gives him a lift.

Into the Deep

Into The Deep

Into the Deep (Art by unbelievable2; story by PattRose) Genre: Pre-slash Rating: Teen Warnings: Stupid Jim, mild language Summary: Jim makes a big mistake by not paying attention almost costing him and Blair their lives.

The Unknown Tomorrow

The Unknown Tomorrow (Laurie/unbelievable2)

The Unknown Tomorrow (Art by unbelievable2; story by Laurie) Genre: Slash, sci-fi, bonding, sentinel and guide Rating: NC17 Warnings: None Summary: To save him from being mind wiped, Protector James Ellison bonded with Blair Sandburg, after the bastard class graduate student was convicted of smuggling and selling Yana. After twelve years, a lead to the […]

The House on Rochester Street

The House on Rochester Street

The House on Rochester Street (Art by PattRose; story by Mab) Genre: Gen Rating: Teen Warnings: Choose not to warn, but this story runs more to classic ghost story creepiness. No gore. Summary: A young addict’s death in a derelict house precipitates strange dreams for Blair, but it’s Jim that he’s worried about.