Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

New challenge and the future of the Big Bang

Jim and Blair

Hi everyone!

I thought it was time we gave you an update on our plans for Sentinel Big Bang. As we mentioned last year, Patt and I want to take a break from the big bang. It’s not over; all being well we’ll return in a few years, but there will be no TSBB this year (2018).

But we’re not leaving you without a challenge! We talked over what we wanted to do: something that, like the Big Bang could be open to every kind of fanwork, not just stories. Something that will be less pressure – on us and on you, so we can get away from word-counts and deadlines. And something easy for those who don’t like LJ to take part in.

So, here it is. For this year (and more, if it seems worth it after we wrap 2018) we will be running a (*drumroll*)

Sentinel Bingo challenge

The main venue for this will be AO3, but we have journals set up on Dreamwidth and LJ: these are journals rather than communities so we can cross-post automatically between them, so you’ll “friend” rather than join…but you don’t have to friend us to take part, just leave a comment. For those who prefer not to join another site, you can also join in via email.

So, head on over to SentinelBingo on AO3, SentinelBingo on Dreamwidth or SentinelBingo on LiveJournal to find out more.

As for the Big Bang, our archive isn’t going anywhere. You can still access all our past years over at

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