Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

2017 Big Bang Master List

Jim and Blair

For Need of a Guide - Bluewolf and unbelievable2

For Need of a Guide

Story by Bluewolf
Art by unbelievable2

Summary: Following the press conference, Blair has disappeared; and without his guide Jim has zoned.

Warnings: None

As Good As It Gets - Katef and Ms.3

As Good As It Gets

Story by Katef
Art by Ms.3

Summary: At a point where the relationship between Jim and Blair is already strained, an old enemy is released from prison and arrives on their doorstep to cause major disruption. But he isn’t the only threat to the partnership, as Blair finds out to his cost. Will Jim finally see the light and ride to the rescue? And what does the future hold for both men?

Warnings: Partner betrayal

The Choice - PattRose and Ms.3

The Choice

Story by PattRose
Art by Ms.3

Summary: The mob, (the Morellis) are pissed off at Jim and know that Jim will be testifying against one of their family members. They kidnap Blair and tell Jim that he will either shut up or they will kill Blair. Will Jim find Blair in time or will he have to make that choice about testifying or not.

Warnings: Violence, Language, torture, angst

Survival - Bluewolf and PattRose


Story by Bluewolf
Art by PattRose

Summary: Jim and Blair have been kidnapped and findd themselves abandonded in the middle of nowhere.

Warnings: None

Absence Makes...? - Katef, PattRose and Mella68

Absence Makes…?

Story by Katef and PattRose
Art by Mella68

Summary: Blair is working as a consultant with the PD, and is still living with Jim at the loft. However, their relationship isn’t going anywhere, and he is at a loss as to how to move it on. And then something happens to make Jim realise what he’s been missing, but is it now too late to do anything about it?

Warnings: None

Guide Issues - Fran and Lapetite Kiki

Guide Issues

Story by Fran
Art by Lapetite Kiki

Summary: Detective Jim Ellison and Dr. Blair Sandburg are brought together to solve the murder of Dr. Stone, the co-chair of the Sentinel Guide Foundation. While investigating the doctor’s death they discover that Dr. Stone was part of a sub group that had plans to curtail sentinels’ rights. Though opposed to the sub group’s plans and goals Jim and Blair are determined to find who is killing members of the group.

Warnings: None

The Many Challenges of Blair Sandburg - PattRose and alyjude

The Many Challenges of Blair Sandburg

Story by PattRose
Art by alyjude

Summary: By no fault of his own, Blair is hurt badly when he comes to the aid of a neighbor in their building. He is on life support for some time and the bullpen gang is giving up hope. Even Jim wonders if Blair has given up the fight. Will Blair prove everyone wrong? There are many more challenges for him to conquer. This isn’t just a story about Blair being hurt and in the hospital. No, it’s more of a story about how strong a person Blair Sandburg is.

Warnings: Domestic Abuse (not Jim and Blair), angst, Language, H/C

The Road Less Traveled - magician and luna_61

The Road Less Traveled

Story by magician
Art by luna_61

Summary: What if Jim learned about Blair’s press conference before he held it? This is a fork-inthe-road AU that takes a different path during the last episode, “The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg”. I remember reading an author’s notes where she said that everyone has a TSbyBS fix-it story in them. This is mine.

Warnings: None

Lamb to the Slaughter - Katef and AnnieB

Lamb to the Slaughter

Story by Katef
Art by AnnieB

Summary: When Simon Banks’ son Daryl is arrested on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend, Simon turns to his friend and subordinate Detective Jim Ellison for help. However, Jim is suffering with his own problems caused by his newly-awakened sensitivity. Can the PD’s new consultant Dr Blair Sandburg help both men? And what surprises are in store for them all?

Warnings: None

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