Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Submission guide for writers

Jim and Megan

Rough drafts

A rough draft is only needed if you are unable to submit your final copy by the deadline of 1 September 2017.

Your rough draft must be a complete copy and must be submitted by 1 September 2017. No extensions will be given without a complete rough draft because we’ll need this for your artist to work with.

Please contact the mods to discuss how much time you’ll need before you send in your rough draft.

Final copy

Deadline: 1 September 2017

Final submissions are final.

When you submit your final copy please bear in mind that this is final.

The mods will not accept corrections or amendments once the final draft has been checked and accepted. This applies even if you submit early or ahead of your extension, so please ensure you are happy with your work before you hit ‘send’. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

You will have an opportunity to review the posting format before the stories go live and can make minor corrections then, but this review is for writer and artists to comment on the look and feel of the final format and ask for layout changes – it is not an opportunity to revise your work!

If you need an extension, you must ask for it before the deadline day, that is by 31 October at the latest. If you have not been granted an extension and have not submitted your finished project by 1 September, the mods will assume you have dropped out of the Big Bang for this year. No hard feelings if you need to drop out.

Please note:

  1. Your story or meta project must conform to the rules, in particular your work must be at least 10,000 words*.
  2. If you are submitting fiction, it must be a complete story (or set of linked stories) which can be read as a stand-alone piece or collection.
  3. Your work must be in a format compatible with Google Docs. Preferred formats are .rtf, .doc or .txt. Please check Google’s guidelines for other acceptable file formats. If you happen to know how to code HTML (fully for web pages, not LJ’s cut-down version) and can submit in that format the mods will love you! But don’t use Word to convert to HTML if you don’t know how to code – that just means we have to do it over.
  4. Your story must be beta-read and must be of an acceptable quality. We are not going to be overly strict about this because we want the Big Bang to be open to everyone, new and experienced writers alike. But the mods reserve the right to reject submissions that are riddled with spelling errors or sentences that simply don’t make sense.

Please read our advice on formatting your project before you send it in.

You must submit your project using the online submission form. We will not be accepting projects via email.

About Posting

All written works and art for the Big Bang will be posted by the mods.

If both writer and artist have their final submissions in on time, you will be sent a link to the art and project posts when they are ready for your approval. You can request changes (e.g. to place the artwork at a particular point in a story) at this time.

If either artist or writer misses the deadline, we will do our best, but the mods will not guarantee you will get a chance to approve the posting.


* Word limits: we will allow a small amount of leeway here, because different programs do sometimes give different counts for the same document. We won’t count each word individually and don’t expect you to. But the limits are strict, so please make sure your work adheres to these.

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