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Sentinel Nostalgia Big Bang master list


Happy Anniversary, Sentinel!

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the Sentinel premier, our Nostalgia Big Bang is now live.

Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In by PattRose, illustrated by Lyn

Genre: Slash

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Dirty Poetry, bad poetry and bad language, m/m artwork.

Summary: What do people really think about Jim and Blair? How do they feel about them being a couple?

A Sense of Belonging

A Sense of Belonging – The Complete Collection by Katef, illustrated by PattRose)

Genre: Slash

Rating: Adult

Warnings: Violence, rape, non-con (mostly off-screen and implied rather than graphic).

Summary: Set in a world where Sentinels and Guides are known and revered, a very different Jim and Blair meet. Blair is a traumatised and abused kidnap victim, and Jim is a highly respected but unbonded Sentinel Detective working undercover. These stories track their progress as they fight to fulfil their destiny as Cascade’s Alpha pair.

As It Was Meant to Be

As It Was Meant to Be / Taking the Trip by Bluewolf, illustrated by Bonanza

Genre: Gen, AU

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None.

Summary: William Ellison has always been ruthless in controlling every aspect of his life and his sons’ lives… until the day he takes on Blair Sandburg, and discovers he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

Taking Things Further

Taking Things Further by Alobear, illustrated by unbelievable2

Genre: Slash, Crossover

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None.

Summary: After joining the SGC, Jim and Blair are about to embark on their very first mission through the Stargate. Things do not go according to plan.


Rakshasa by Fran, illustrated by Alobear

Genre: Gen, Horror

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Violence.

Summary: A legendary evil has surfaced in Cascade and is murdering Cascade’s citizens. As the death toll rises, Jim and Blair are called upon as sentinel and shaman to hunt it down and stop it.

Eye on Cascade

Eye on Cascade by Morgan Briarwood, illustrated by mella68

Genre: Slash (Blair/OMC), Crossover, Darkfic

Rating: Adult

Warnings: Rape, violence, torture.

Summary: Blair’s girlfriend is murdered in her apartment. Jim Ellison is the detective assigned to the case, but he is not the only one investigating. When Blair convinces Simon that there might be a serial killer in Cascade, Simon calls the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit for help. But when the team arrives in Cascade, more and more evidence seems to point to Jim as the killer.

Deadline - Cascade

Deadline – Cascade by unbelievable2, illustrated by Kernel

Genre: Slash, established relationship

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None.

Summary: Once upon a time, Jim and Blair had to run, to save themselves. Now they have to stop running, to save someone else.

Blessed Protector More Blessed

Blessed Protector More Blessed by Swellison, illustrated by AnnieB

Genre: Gen, angst and owies, senses

Rating: Teen

Warnings: minor OFC

Summary: Blair’s 28th birthday is Friday, June 13th. What could possibly go wrong?

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    Link to Blessed Protector More Blessed goes to Outside Looking In

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