Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Art deadline reminder


A reminder for our artists – the deadline for your final copy is this FRIDAY – 11 March.

If you need more time we will do our best to be flexible, but please remember you must contact us before the deadline day to ask for an extension.

For the Nostalgia Big Bang, the plan is to post all the stories and artwork on the same day, instead of the staggered posting we usually do. It will be a big posting of fanworks to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first airing of Switchman – the Sentinel’s first episode.

I am so excited about this! It’s amazing to me that, 20 years on, we not only have fans who have been around for most of those 20 years, but we still have new people joining the fandom!

I hope to have the book ready to order at the same time, but obviously I’ll be concentrating on getting the stories out online first. If you have a story or artwork in the Nostalgia BB, you will get an email today about the book and what to do if you do (or don’t) want your work included.

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