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Deadline change for Anniversary Big Bang


First things first – to all our readers, writers and artists, happy holidays (whatever the December hol means to you), and let’s look forward to a wonderful new year!

Second, the Anniversary Big Bang deadline is officially moving to fit in with the anniversary auction etc. We don’t have a firm date for the auction yet, so this might change by a week or two either side, but I’m tentatively moving the deadline date to 24 June 2016. This is for Anniversary Big Bang projects only (never posted before, stand-alone works). Art claims wil be the Monday following (27 June) and posting will be in August. Those dates still depend (slightly) on the auction so might change a little. We’ll let you know as soon as the auction timetable is confirmed.

The Nostalgia Big Bang (reworkings of older stories, sequels, prequels and so on) will stay on the original schedule: final projects are due by 27 January.

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