Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Reverse bang claims open


It’s here!

First, a reminder: you must be signed up to register a claim. The writers’ signup post is still open so if you didn’t sign up yet, head over there first.

We have twenty art projects to choose from. You’ll be assigned a project based on the choices you make, but I can’t promise anyone their first choice. Your assignment is to write a sentinel-related project (story, non-fiction, meta) inspired by or related to the art project assigned to you. You must write at least 2,000 words, but there is no upper limit.

You can ask to be assigned one or two projects, and in an attempt to make this simpler for us to count, if you want two, please comment twice with separate claims.

Each claim must select at least three of the projects, listed in order of preference. You can list more – all twenty, if you really want – but three choices is the minimum.

If you are making two claims, you may not list more than one project on both of your lists.

How to claim

First, take a look at the projects on offer.

Second, select the ones that inspire you – at least three, but more than that if you like.

Third, put your choices in order of preference.

Then leave a comment below with the following information:

Your name:
Email address:
Your chosen projects:

This first round of claims will close in 48 hours and we’ll do our best to confirm all assignments by the end of the week. If we need a second round of claims, that will happen on Thursday.

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