Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Preview of our Reverse Bang art projects


We have a fabulous twenty projects for the reverse bang! A huge thank you to all our artists – everyone has done a brilliant job and I’m so excited.

Claims open in about 48 hours. But you can see a sneak preview of our projects right now. Click the link to view a teaser for each project. When claims open, you’ll be able to view the full projects, so you don’t need to decide based only on the teaser.

The only problem with having so much fabulous art to choose from is we have more art than we do writers. So here’s a final reminder that there’s still time to sign up as a writer for the reverse bang.

This is not the claims post. Feel free to reply if you have questions or anything else to say, but don’t put in your claims here! Full instructions on how to claim will be posted on Monday.

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