Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Final reminder for artists


The first deadline for artist’s submissions for the reverse bang is just 2 days away: 20 February is the last day you can send in your art project.

Tomorrow is the last day you can request an extension. If you wait until the deadline day to ask for more time we will have to say no. Remember that claims begin on 2 March and we need at least your rough copy before that. So while a couple of days extension is possible, we won’t be able to give you too long. If we don’t have your work in time for claims, it can’t be included.

Please read the <a title=”Submission guide for artists” href=””>Submissions Guide for Artists</a>. Your work doesn’t have to be final by 20 February, but you do have to submit a rough draft that is complete enough for a writer to work with. The submissions guide explains in more detail.

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