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Artists’ Checkpoint


This is the first checkpoint for our Reverse Bang challenge. Artists, the checkpoint is optional. You can check in here, in our LJ community¬†or on our mailing list. Why check in? The main reason for the checkpoints is to keep in touch, and to get our writers interested in the artwork to come. So share […]

Sentinel Reverse bang signups open


Signups for this year’s challenge are now open at We need to keep all the signup information in one place, so LJ is the only option for signing up. Please see our FAQ for how to sign up if you don’t use Livejournal. Once you have signed up, you will be able to follow […]

Ready for the 2015 Sentinel Reverse B...

Jim and Blair

Welcome to the 2015 Sentinel Reverse Bang. A reverse-bang takes the traditional big bang format and flips it around. In a traditional big bang, writers submit their stories first, for our artists to claim and illustrate. A reverse-bang inverts that, so the artists will create their artworks first, and then our writers will create a […]