Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Welcome to 2014 – counting down to our next big bang

The challenge schedule for 2014 is now ready. As always, the schedule is not set in stone – things may change if RL issues or internet disaster should intervene. But it sets out our plan for the year and Patt and I generally manage to stick to it.

The big bang rules, submission guide and FAQ have also been updated – just small changes this time, mostly to clarify things that appeared to confuse some of you during the last challenge. The essentials haven’t changed – it’s still 10,000 words minimum, fiction or non-fiction, crossovers welcome but absolutely no real person fic (that means nothing about real people, whether it’s slash or not. There are small exceptions which you can find in the FAQ). Read the posts for the rest of the details.

Signups for 2014 will open on 1 March. We’re really excited to host another year of Sentinel fandom’s talent!

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