Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Missing Persons by Unbelievable2, illustrated by stargatesg1971

Missing Persons by Unbelievable2, illustrated by stargatesg1971
Genre: Slash
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Moderate violence, swearing, scenes of a sexual nature

Summary: Shortly after the dissertation issue, Blair and Jim are still uncertain of each other and where the recent past has left them, as friends. Before they can sort things out, they find their position in the PD called into question. Blair, the primary target, goes off on a search for answers. Jim, meanwhile, finds his life deeply affected by the absence of his Guide and friend. His immediate reaction is to go looking for Blair, but not only are the two of them suffering from a failure to communicate, their separate personal missions are also dangerously uncoordinated. It’s not long before they’re both in real danger.

Missing Persons

Author’s Notes: Many thanks are due to the Big Bang mods for their clear advice, excellent co-ordination and wealth of hard work on this Challenge. Thank you, good people!

I am deeply indebted to my very dear mate and fellow fangirl soupdragon for her unstinting encouragement during the long gestation of this story, and for her invaluable beta-work. Any mistakes that remain are mine alone.

I am honoured and delighted that this story has been illustrated by Stargatesg1971, whose vibrant and amazingly detailed pictures really bring it to life. Thank you so much, madam!

There are a number of ethnicities portrayed in this story. I have used a different style of writing to try to convey the vocal intonation of specific characters. Whilst I hope this is successful, I would like to make clear that I mean no disrespect to different ethnicities by writing in this way. Likewise I have deliberately caused characters to use a western styling of Chinese names where I feel such characters would be less aware of the correct usage.

Finally, whilst this is merely fanfiction, people trafficking and the continued, every-day incidence of slavery throughout the world, even in the 21st century, are real-life horrors which our governments still fail to tackle. Would that we had more Jims and Blairs to wipe such misery from the face of the earth.

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