Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

The Iron Ring by Franscats, illustrated by Debbie Stone

The Iron Ring by Franscats, illustrated by Debbie Stone
Genre: Slash, AU
Rating: R (for violence)
Warnings: Violent murder scene

Summary: By order of the Commissioner, Blair Sandburg, Cadet of the Year, gets paired with Jim Ellison, Cop of the Year. Jim grudgingly accepts Blair as his partner and they work together to track down a serial killer. During the investigation, Blair discovers that Jim is a sentinel and offers to help Jim with his senses while studying him and using Jim as the subject of his dissertation. The partnership is successful and the pair become friends. A year later, Blair’s dissertation is released without his consent. The story follows what would happen to Jim and Blair if Blair didn’t deny his dissertation and Jim’s secret was revealed to the world.

The Iron Ring

Author’s Notes: I’d like to thank Debbie Stone for her beautiful artwork. I wish to acknowledge my incredible beta Magician113 and thank her for all her time, patience and input. I would also like to thank Becky (Becky’s Sentinel Site). Her transcript pages were a great resource and were used to access dialogue from Night Shift and The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

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