Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Last steps before posting begins

Hi everyone! We’re in the home stretch and I can’t wait for the story posting to begin. There’s such a fabulous collection of fiction and artworks this year!

I will hopefully finish up the story posts tomorrow. This takes time because I’m creating not just web posts, but e-book copies of each individual project. In the next couple of days, all our participants should receive an email with a preview link for their projects and a request to approve the post.

You can make small changes at this stage, but this is not an opportunity to revise your work! You can amend the summary information, correct typos, ask for artwork to be displayed in a different place – that kind of thing. Not wholesale changes – it’s too late for that.

Any changes have to be requested by November 1 at the latest. I need to have everything ready before posting begins, so I know that posting will still happen if anything prevents me being online over the posting period. I don’t want my RL issues to spoil the big bang.

If you ask for changes and we agree to them they’ll be done but you will not get a chance to see them before posting. I’d love to be able to do that, but there won’t be time, so changes will be uploaded on your posting date.

And if you’re wondering when that will be, I will put up the final posting schedule on Friday. The first story will be posted on Monday (November 4).

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