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Last steps before posting begins

Last steps before posting begins

Hi everyone! We’re in the home stretch and I can’t wait for the story posting to begin. There’s such a fabulous collection of fiction and artworks this year! I will hopefully finish up the story posts tomorrow. This takes time because I’m creating not just web posts, but e-book copies of each individual project. In […]

Final artwork submission deadline com...

Final artwork submission deadline coming up:

Just a quick reminder to any artist that haven’t sent their final submissions in yet, the deadline is coming up soon. It’s a week from today, the 26th. Yes, it’s that close. If there is anyone having problems, now would be the time to ask for help. Contact us at mods at sentinelbigbang dot com […]

Artists’ Checkpoint time! (and ...

Artists’ Checkpoint time! (and a reminder about art rough drafts)

It’s checkpoint time for our Big Bang artists! The usual disclaimer applies: all checkpoints are optional. If you don’t want to check in, you don’t have to. What’s a checkpoint for artists? It’s a chance to share with the Big Bang community some hints about the joys to come. Tell us a little about the […]

Reminder: art rough drafts due on 12 ...

Reminder: art rough drafts due on 12 October

Hi everyone, This is your friendly neighbourhood mod reminding all TSBB artists that we require a rough draft of your work by 12 October at the latest – that’s about a week away. A rough draft is required only so the mods can confirm you are working on something – it can be very rough […]