Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Final reminders before artist claims open

First the big reminder: Art claims for this year’s big bang open on MONDAY! It will be Monday morning UK time, so maybe late Sunday night for many of you. No need to rush in to claim first, though – round one will be open all day and as usual assignments will be by preference, not first come, first served.

Artists, if you still haven’t signed up, you can do so any time until the first round of art claims closes. But you can’t claim unless you’ve also signed up. Please check! We have a pretty liberal definition of “art” for this big bang. If it’s a fanwork, can be posted online and is not the written word, it counts. So 2D art, vids, fanmixes, music, podfic, animation, hell even recipes and LOLcats if they somehow manage to tie in with a project – anything goes.

Writers, if you have an extension we still require your submission info and a rough draft. If we don’t have that by tomorrow (14th September) you will not be included in art claims, extension or not. We can’t assign you an artist if we have nothing to give them!

Now for the slightly tricky part. Patt and I had a bit of a technical snafu. That is, some of our essential information has gone AWOL, possibly due to a certain incident involving a cat, a keyboard and a moment of distraction, but we are not sure.

So below is a list of the projects we have, including those with extensions. If you are not listed and should be, please let us know as soon as possible!

Banbury – (still waiting for info)
Bluewolf – Another Chance
Emerald – Growing Pains
Franscats – Iron Ring
Katef – Imagine That
Kernel – (still waiting for info)
Laurie – Star Child
Morgan – The Wolves of Cascade
Mab – Walking the Maze
Patt – Weight of Love
Patt/Kerensa – The Witness
PsychGirl – So Dire a Love
Unbelievable2 – Missing Persons
Xanateria – Bleeding Daylight

If you’re on the list, no need to do anything – we’re good to go. If you’re not, and have sent in a project please email mods @ sentinelbigbang dot com and we’ll get it sorted out. We haven’t lost your submission, just the record of it, so we only need a heads-up.

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