Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Big Bang Checkpoint #2

Target for Checkpoint #2:

If you’re pacing your writing to fit the timetable of the challenge, you should now have about 4,000 words or 2/5 complete. It’s fine if you’re not there yet! That’s just the target to aim for.

There’s no obligation to write to this schedule; the target word counts for each checkpoint are only for those who find it helpful. Some of us like to write at a steady pace; others work better in irregular bursts of inspiration. If the slow-and-steady approach doesn’t fit the way you work, feel free to ignore the targets.

How to “check in”:

Please comment using the template below to let us know how you’re doing.

Your project:
Tell us a little about your progress:
Anything else you want to say (e.g. Do you need any help? Lacking inspiration or need a sounding board? Want to rant a little?):

Feel free to share some details about your project, maybe a summary or some hints, but please don’t post actual extracts. There’ll be a post for that as we come toward the end of the challenge, but this is too early.

To repeat: the checkpoints are completely optional. Writers can “check in” on LJ, the big bang website or on the mailing list. All three, if you like 🙂

A quick reminder that sign-ups are open until September. You sign up via our Livejournal Community.

Signups for writers close on September 1st and for artists on September 16th.

If you have any questions, just post it here and we’ll answer you or if you prefer something more private contact us at .

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