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Big bang cheerleaders

Big bang cheerleaders

The Cheerleader request post will close in about a week. We’ve got one unanswered cheerleader request, so if anyone out there is keen to help a writer out, please let her know. Cheerleading is not unique to our big bang, but I don’t know many others that do it. For those unfamiliar with the idea, […]

Welcome, and an overview for those ne...

Welcome, and an overview for those new to the Big Bang

Signups have only been open for a few days and I’m thrilled to see so many new people joining our big bang! (Or are some of you former participants with new usernames?) Welcome, all, and I hope you have fun with the big bang. I thought I should give you a brief overview for those […]

Signups for Big Bang 2013 are now ope...

Signups for Big Bang 2013 are now open!

Signups for this year’s Sentinel Big Bang are now open. To take part in the Big Bang as a writer or as an artist you must sign up by commenting on the appropriate post on Livejournal. However, if you are not a Livejournal user, this is the only part of the challenge where using that […]