Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom


Anahata by Mab with artwork by Banbury

Anahata Genre: Gen
Rating: suitable for young teens and up
Warnings: None
Summary: After the events of the series end, Blair and Jim take a break at the Burning Man festival.

Author’s Notes: I recently found out about Burning Man, and I immediately connected it with Blair. I chose the Burning Man 2000 festival as my inspiration for this story as the connection of themes and ideas was convenient, even though the time frame doesn’t fit canon. Although all the events and displays described were real, I think it’s best to describe this as loosely inspired by the actual Burning Man 2000 Project, since there is only so much the internet can do for you from a distance of twelve years and 8,000 miles.
Burning Man assumes that every attendee is a participant and as such expects them to provide their own shelter, water and food. Burning Man organises the tent city and provides toilets, ice and coffee.
The words on the poster that Jim reads come direct from this Wikipedia entry. All my knowledge of Anahata is via Wikipedia also, and I apologise for any misinterpretations.
Thank you to EE for the lookover.

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