Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Mini Bang Artist Claims

It’s artist claim time!

We have a massive thirteen projects for our artists to choose from. All are fiction this time around, and we’ve got a nice mix of genres – gen and slash, humour and drama, crossovers, AUs and PWPs. Hopefully you’ll all be inspired!

As this is a mini bang, artists are asked to provide just a single piece of art to go with each story. You may make multiple presentations – for example a cover, banner and icons – but all must be from a single base image. All stories are 10,000 words or less.

How to claim a project

The projects are listed below. You must give at least three choices of project – this is just to cover me in case everyone wants the same one – and you can list up to five choices, or six if you’re offering to illustrate more than one project. We don’t have a lot of artists signed up, so you may claim two projects in round one if you want to.

I’ll do my best to give everyone their first choice, but no guarantees as it depends on everyone else’s choices, so please give some thought to your selections.

Please leave a comment here, in our LJ community or on the mailing list with your claim, using the format:

I will provide art for [number] projects.
My choices: (project numbers – minimum 3, in order of preference)

The projects:

Project #1
Writer: Patt
Story Title: One of the Guys
Genre and rating: Mild Slash, Mature
Warnings (if applicable): Angst
Summary: : Connor has become a detective in Major Crimes, has become a citizen and now feels like she fits in with the rest of the group. But there always has to be a reason why things don’t work out as planned.

Project #2
Writer: Patt
Story Title: William’s Family
Genre and rating: Mild slash and Mature
Warnings (if applicable): Angst
Summary: A look into the life of William Ellison after his heart attack. Will he be even closer to his sons?

Project #3
Writer: Katef
Story Title: The Sensible Choice
Genre and rating: Pre-slash, AU, angst, H/C Mature themes.
Warnings (if applicable): Violence, bigotry.
Summary: Troubled by increasingly painful sensory spikes, Detective Jim Ellison is about to leave the PD for a quieter occupation, when he is asked to investigate a last case involving a spate of hate-bashings. He finds that the most recent victim has something he needs….

Project #4
Writer: Bluewolf
Story Title: Repercussions
Genre and rating: Gen, crossover (SG1)
Warnings (if applicable): None
Summary: After his press conference, Blair is contacted by Daniel Jackson…

Project #5
Writer: Franscats
Story Title: The Way to a Man’s Heart
Genre and rating: Mild Slash and Humor
Warnings (if applicable): none
Summary: Blair, deciding he wants a romantic relationship with Jim, sets out to seduce his sentinel. Unfortunately, co-workers and criminals seem to keep getting in his way.

Project #6
Writer: Laurie
Story Title: Beep, Beep
Genre and rating: Slash, Teen and up. AU: Jim and Blair meet before Jim finishes the Police Academy.
Warnings (if applicable): none
Summary: Jim Ellison does a favor for his father, and ends up in charge of one over-sexed, grunge loving, mop-haired anthropology grad student.
(additional author notes) Beta’ed by Bluewolf. She’s a star.
This story was inspired by me thinking about the old Road Runner cartoons. Remember how hard Wile E.Coyote worked to catch the Road Runner, and how he always got it wrong and his schemes backfired on him? Well, think of Jim as the coyote, out to teach that pesky roadrunner, Blair, some lessons about life.
No actual coyotes, roadrunners, or cartoons are mentioned in the story.

Project #7
Writer: SilverShadows99
Story Title: A Very Delightful Friday in Cascade
Genre and rating: slash, teen
Warnings (if applicable): language, silliness(?)
Summary: Each person in Major Crimes has something to be delighted about

Project #8
Writer: Mab
Story Title: Anahata
Genre and rating: Gen with pre-slash overtones, teen rated
Warnings (if applicable): None
Summary: Jim and Blair go on a different kind of break, and accept a few things post TSbyBS.

Project #9
Writer: PsychGirl
Story Title: Hungry Like The Wolf
Genre and rating: Slash (Jim/Blair), NC-17, PWP, fluff, established relationship
Warnings (if applicable): none
Summary: Jim’s close brush with some unknown chemicals gets Blair hot and bothered… in a completely different way than usual.

Project #10
Writer: Flitter
Story Title: The Hunt
Genre and rating: R, Slash, AU, Drama, Romance, Suspense
Warnings (if applicable): Brief Attempted Rape
Summary: The gong rang loud in the still air. All at once, the waiting empaths jerked and then began to run.

Project #11
Writer: Xanateria
Story Title: Risk Assessment
Genre and rating: Slash, NC-17. There be smut ahead. (or will be once I get it in there where it belongs)
Warnings (if applicable): No characters were harmed …permanently in this story. (Warnings may need to be added once the story is finished. Not sure yet, depends on the flavour of smut the boys decide to get up to)
Summary: When Blair gets an invitation to an exclusive private club that promises to cater to his most intimate desires, he jumps at the chance to do something to get over his inconvenient romantic feelings for his partner. But, you can’t un-take a risk, and the consequences of this one are more far reaching than he imagined.

Project #12
Writer: Swellison
Story Title: Words With Friends
Genre and rating: Gen, K+, missing scenes
Warnings (if applicable): None
Summary: Blair’s thoughts and actions during Night Shift. Did he really hear what Jim was saying in the garage?

Project #13
Writer: Banbury
Story Title: Starlight (for now, can’t find the right one yet)
Genre and rating: slash
Warnings (if applicable): no
Summary: Yet another one story the type ‘How Harry Jim met Sally Blair’ and what happened next.
Round one of claims will close in 24 hours, and round two, if it’s needed, will open asap after that.

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