Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Artist claims update

Mini bang artist claims are now closed. Thank you to everyone for putting your claims in so quickly; you really make my job easier!

I will send out assignment emails later today, once I’ve figured out the fairest way to do it. Every story has been claimed, but I want to give as many artists as possible their first or second choice.

One artist who signed up did not make a claim: Mella. Mella, if you still want to take part (no pressure if you don’t) please get in touch today.

Two artists who had not signed up made claims. Guys, I truly appreciate your taking part but please remember to sign up for art ahead of claim time if you’re thinking of joining the party. I’d rather you sign up and don’t claim than the reverse. If I’d known we had two extra artists I would have done this in two rounds: that’s fairer to all.

Next update tomorrow 🙂

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