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PDF downloads for Reverse Bang stories

Hi, everyone

Last week I uploaded the e-book formats for the reverse bang collection. I now present to you the collection in Adobe PDF format!

The e-books are available in epub, mobi and zip formats with the stories split into three volumes to keep the file sizes down. Mobi is compatible with Amazon’s Kindle and epub is compatible with nearly every other e-book reader. If you do need a different e-book format, you can download the zip version and use Calibre (free software) to convert it, or if you don’t know how to do that, let me know what format you need and I’ll do it for you myself (it’s no trouble – it takes 30 seconds max, so don’t be afraid to ask).

The PDF files are designed with printing in mind, and the collection is in two volumes, each about 250 pages (1.4MB). That’s a lot of printing, I know, but if you’re the kind of person who prefers zines it’s worth it. Of course, the files can be read on a screen, too.

Download links for all formats can be found here:

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