Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Announcing the Sentinel Mini-Bang!

Our second TS fic challenge of the year – the Sentinel Mini-Bang starts TOMORROW.

What is a mini-bang?
It’s the same as a big bang, but smaller. Writers sign up to write something Sentinel-related: stories, meta or a mixture of both. Artists will create artworks: pictures, vids or music, to accompany or illustrate their assigned project.

This is a mini-bang because the requirements for both writers and artists are to keep it short. Writers have a maximum word count of 10,000 words. Artists may create only a single base artwork*.

What is the schedule?
23 June 2012 – Sign-ups open for writers, artists and cheerleaders.
28 July – Writers’ Checkpoint #1
1 September – Writers’ rough drafts due.
4 September 2012 – Claims begin for artists.
8 September 2012 – Artist assignments confirmed.
29 September 2012 – Writers’ Checkpoint #2 (Teasers can be posted)
6 October 2012 – Artists’ Checkpoint
13 October 2012 – Artists’ rough drafts due.
27 October 2012 – Final drafts due for both writers and artists.

Can I request a cheerleader?
Yes, other than the word and art limits and the shorter schedule, this will work just like the big bang. There will be a cheerleader request post.

Can I write more than one project/make art for more than one project?
Yes. Writers can submit up to two projects but they must be unrelated. You can’t split your 20,000 word story into two and submit each half as a ‘project’. Artists can claim more than one project – just one initially, but if we’ve got more projects than artists they’ll be able to take on extras.

The usual rule applies to this: if there are more writers than artists, we’ll only guarantee an art match for one of your projects, and if there are more artists than projects, artists can’t make multiple claims.

Where can I find the rest of the rules?
The mini-bang rules are here and the FAQ is here. If you want to use a fic you’re auctioning for Moonridge in the mini-bang, please read this post, too.

I still have questions…
Then ask them! You can contact the mods at mods @ sentinelbigbang . com (remove the spaces) or comment here. We’ll have a page-a-mod post when signups open, too, which you can use for any questions you have. You can also ask on our mailing list or website.

* Just one base artwork: this means you can make variations on the base image, e.g. if your base image is a cover, you could also make icons and a web banner from it. But all variations must be from the same base.

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