Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Reverse Bang update and posting schedule

Hi, everyone!

We have all but two of the stories in for the reverse bang and we’re almost ready to begin posting. If both the artist and writer have submitted their final drafts, you should have received an email from the mods asking you to check the project post. Please reply to this email! We’ll go ahead and post without your okay if we must, but we’d much prefer to know you’re happy with the presentation. It’s your work, after all.

Assuming all goes well, and the last two stories come on on the dates we’ve agreed, the projects will be posted on the schedule below. Remember, you don’t have to do anything – all projects will be posted by the mods for this round.

Posting Schedule:

May 5 Project #18 – Poor Little Girl (Snailbones/Patt)
May 6 Project #10 Black Knight (BrynnH/Katef)
May 7 Project #17 You’re My Fantasy (Lapetite Kiki/Debbie Stone)
May 8 Project #19 The World Between (Banbury/Bluewolf)
May 9 Project #14 The Silence of Eagles Nest (Mella/Morgan Briarwood)
May 10 Project #4 This Dream of Distant Light (Debbie Stone/enigmaticblues)
May 11 Project #8 Copy, Copy, Copy (Patt/Kerensa)
May 12 Project #21 To Bind Our Souls by Gold (Zelempa/Alex McLeod)
May 13 Project #15 Digging up Death (SCH/Arianna)
May 14 Project #5 There’s No Place Like Home (Debbie Stone/PsychGirl)
May 15 Project #9 Ripples (Akablonded/Franscats)
May 16 Project #12 Fun and Family in Vegas (Ceares/Ariestess)
May 17 Project #1 The Lazox Connection (Morgan Briarwood/FlitterFlutterFly)
May 18 Project #6 Busman’s Holiday (Beth/Caitriona)
May 19 Project #16 Unauthorized Affair (Lapetite Kiki/Ceares)
May 20 Project #22 Chrysalis (Helvetica4ever/Mab Browne)
May 21 Project #11 Hostage (Ceares/Patt)
May 22 Project #7 The Land of Tears (Beth/enigmaticblues)
May 23 Project #2 A Dismantled Life (Patt/DebbieT)
May 24 Project #20 The Coldest Winter (Banbury/AnnieB)
May 25 Project #3 Upon a Mountains Edge (Pete Paulos/Laurie_ky)
May 26 Project #13 In To Africa (Aeryianya/BrynnH)

The rules of the challenge say you cannot post your story or artwork elsewhere until your assigned posting date – that’s as above. We would prefer you wait until all the projects are posted (i.e. until May 26 or after), but if you really want to post it elsewhere as soon as possible, you are allowed to do so as soon as the project announcement goes live on the big bang website.

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