Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Chrysalis (Helvetica4ever/Mab Browne)

Project #22 - Crysalis

Genre: Slash (Jim/Blair), AU, Sci-Fi
Rating: mature
Warnings (artwork): None.
Warnings (story): sex, mature themes and language
Wordcount: 24,700

Summary: Jim Ellison has five enhanced senses and a secret. When he decides to flee the planet Cubero on the space hauler Monarch, his secret puts both Jim and the hauler’s owner, Blair Sandburg, in danger.

Link: Chrysalis


  1. avatar teddy
    May 20, 2012    

    I <3 this story so much. Thank you for writing it for me, we11, se1fish1y I think it's for me 🙂 I 1ove Jim and B1air, of course, but Anais is another one of your fabu1ous OCs who makes the story even better.
    I am working hard to finish the drawing, a1as, there's no short cuts in the act of creating.

    • avatar Mab
      May 22, 2012    

      Hey Teddy, I figured out to work the comments – so I can say thank you and you’re welcome for your lovely pic and its inspiration.

  2. avatar Maara
    May 21, 2012    

    Wonderful! If you changed the names to original characters I’d believe I was reading something I bought on Kindle. I loved the story and wish there were more.

    • avatar Mab
      May 22, 2012    

      Thank you for the lovely compliment – I’m so glad that you enjoyed the story.

  3. avatar Caro
    February 18, 2013    

    Hey Mab, I never got around to reading this until now and it was awesome! I loved how you switched the sentinel with security AI. It was a different angle with a slightly similar feel but it changed their relationship in interesting ways. Anais really was the one dealing with the ‘awakening’ and that left Blair to deal with the moral issues around love. Blair’s curiosity, Jim’s vulnerability and dignity were both in character and specific to this story. I’ve been jonesing for a scifi sentinel story (was it Firefly influenced? It felt like it) and I really enjoyed this.

    • avatar Mab
      August 4, 2013    

      So you never got around to reading the story until after the event, and I never got around to finding your comment until very well after the event. 🙂 Thanks so much for your lovely comment.

      So far as influences are concerned, I’m certainly familiar with Firefly, but my ‘conscious’ influence was every single ‘old school’ SF novel that I’ve ever read – and once upon a time I read a lot of them.

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