Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Reverse Bang writer claims now open!

It’s claim time!

We have 22 projects available for claiming and they are all amazing! I think we’ve got something for everyone here – romantic and sexy, light and dark, action and alternate universes and sci-fi and fantasy and jungles and spirit guides. I am, as always, overwhelmed by how talented our fandom is.

Please remember these are rough drafts; some of our artists have finished their pictures but not everyone has and even those who are finished might want to tweak some details when they see what you’ve written.

Rule one: you can only make a claim in Round One if you signed up as a reverse bang writer. If we go to round two, claims will be allowed from writers who didn’t sign up.

Rule two: Claiming a project is a firm commitment to write something to accompany the artwork you have chosen. That something can be fiction or meta or a mixture, it can be one piece or several, it can be just about anything as long as it’s Sentinel-related and the written word.

Written projects should be a minimum of 2,000 words, but we ask you to aim for around 5,000 words. There is no upper limit.

Writers’ rough drafts are due on April 7, and final drafts are due on April 28.

Making a claim is easy:

1. Go to and browse through the available projects. Please do click on the thumbnails to view the large versions of each project because some of the thumbnails show only part of the whole (i.e. where there are warnings).

2. Choose between three (3) and five (5) projects you would like to claim. (Okay, limiting your choices might be hard, but no more than five, okay?)

3. Put your choices in order of preference.

4. Comment on our mailing list, on the livejournal post or on the website claims post (this post) listing your name and/or email and your choices. Only give your choices in one place and you MUST use the same username or email address you used when you signed up or it won’t count.

For example:

Your name/email: Morgan Briarwood
Your claims –
First choice: #6
Second choice: #13
Third choice: #24
Fourth choice: #15
Fifth choice: #2

5. Round one will close approximately 30 hours from posting.

The mods will confirm round one claims in about two days, one art project per writer. If there are unclaimed projects, or writers we’ve been unable to match, we will move on to round two after round one claims are confirmed. If you want to claim more than one project, you can claim a second one in round two.

We have 22 projects and 22 writers signed up so if all goes well that should work out perfectly. But these things can get complicated. If multiple people want the same project, the mods will look at order of preference, not first-come-first-served. We may end up giving the same artwork to more than one writer if that’s the only way to make it work. For artists who submitted more than one project, the mods will only promise a match for the one that is claimed first. We’ll do our best to match all of them, though.

About making contact

Artists, please don’t contact writers until the mods confirm the claims. We are asking people to state multiple preferences so no claims are certain until confirmed.

There will be another post about the next steps when all claims are confirmed.

Round One will close tomorrow, in the early evening UK time. So, morning if you’re in the US, early hours of Thursday morning if you’re in Australia.


  1. avatar Kate/katef
    February 21, 2012    

    Name: Kate (katef) email;
    My choices for claim are as follows, please
    1 #6
    2 #2
    3 #15
    4 #4
    5 #10
    Thank you! Kate x

  2. avatar Kate/katef
    February 21, 2012    

    Oops, sorry, just saw a typo in my email addy on my post – guess I was so excited I didn’t check properly! (blushes in embarrassment)


    Kate x

  3. February 21, 2012    

    Your name : BrynnH87
    Your claims –
    First choice: 1
    Second choice: 13
    Third choice: 2
    Fourth choice: 19
    Fifth choice: 22

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