Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Reverse Bang Signups Open!

Signups are now open for the 2012 Sentinel Reverse Bang.

Sign up as an Artist by commenting on this Livejournal post.

Sign up as a Writer by commenting on this Livejournal post.

Sign up as a Cheerleader, or request a Cheerleader if you are a participant, by commenting on this Livejournal post.

Please make sure you have read and understood the rules before you sign up.

A reminder: signups are the only element of the Reverse Bang that is LJ-only. It is important for the mods to keep everything in one location for signups. But you can still comment if you don’t have an LJ account, and every other part of the challenge you can follow via this site, Twitter or our mailing list. See our FAQ for more details.


  1. avatar jael lyn
    February 9, 2012    

    I would like to volunteer as a writer.

    • February 9, 2012    

      That’s great, but please read the post you commented on. It states very clearly that you MUST sign up on the relevant Livejournal post (all the links are above), and includes a link to the FAQ which explains how to do that if you are not an LJ user.

      • February 9, 2012    

        Morgan, I sent a quick note from mods to her giving her the addy’s and such. You’re way too fast for me.

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