Creative fanworks challenge for The Sentinel fandom

Happy 2012! Reverse Bang Introduction, Rules and FAQ

An introduction for our first challenge of 2012 has been posted by Patt in our livejournal community:

Hi, everyone and welcome to the first “bang” challenge of 2012!

A reverse-bang takes the traditional big bang format and flips it around. In a traditional big bang, writers submit their stories first, for our artists to claim and illustrate. A reverse-bang inverts that, so the artists will create their artworks first, and then our writers will create a story or written project to accompany the art they claimed.

The full schedule for the challenge can be found on the big bang website, here:

The key dates are:7 January 2012 – Sign-ups open.
18 February 2012 – Art Rough Drafts due.
21 February 2012 – Claims begin for writers.
7 April 2012 – Final Art deadline and writers’ rough drafts deadline.
28 April 2012 – Final deadline for stories/meta.
Posting takes place in May.

Signups will be LJ-only, but for every other part of the challenge you can follow us in lots of other ways.

Our mailing list on YahooGroups:
Twitter: @SentinelBigBang
Our website: (includes atom and rss feeds)
and, of course, here on livejournal.

Art projects for the reverse bang must have a strong visual element (that is, images and/or vids/animations. Audio is allowed, but only with accompanying visual art) and since it needs to inspire a writer should suggest a plot or character theme. Art projects can be a single piece or a series of linked pieces. Artists may submit up to two (2) projects.

Written projects must relate in some way to the artwork the writer has claimed. Projects must be at least 2,000 words, but we are asking writers to aim for about 5,000 words. Written projects can be either fiction, meta or a combination of both and can be a single story or essay or multiple pieces.

Please make sure you have read the full rules and FAQ before you sign up.


One last thing. If you need to contact the mods for any reason, please don’t contact either of us using our personal email or LJ private messaging. If you do that, only one of us gets the message and that leads to problems down the line. There are lots of ways to contact both of us together:

There will be a new page-a-mod post in our Livejournal community for each challenge. Any comment on that post will be seen by both mods.

If you have questions about any particular posting e.g. rules or submission guidelines, you can also comment on the relevant post, or page on the website.

You can join the Yahoo mailing list and that’s a good place to ask for help not just from the mods but also from other challenge participants. Both mods watch the mailing list and will see your message there.

If you prefer not to post your question or request where others can see it, you can email us at mods at sentinelbigbang dot com. This email address also reaches both mods.

Please understand how important this is. You will not get a reply if you contact the mods privately.


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