There's No Place Like Home - art by Debbie Stone

Story by PsychGirl

Art by Debbie Stone

Genre: Slash (Jim/Blair), angst, AU
Rating: R
Warnings (artwork): None
Warnings (story): None
Wordcount: 12,600
Author's Note: This takes a left turn shortly after the beginning of Sentinel, Too Part Two and goes AU from there. Thank you to my terrific betas, Magician and T.W. Lewis, for your help and support. All mistakes herein are my own. Also thanks to Debbie Stone for making such a gorgeous and inspiring piece of art.

Summary: Blair disappeared from the hospital the day after Jim brought him back to life at the fountain. Jim's been searching for him for over six months, with no success. Now Jim has found him, working in a small town in Kansas. But is he the same Blair Sandburg? And can the two of them get the connection that they had at the fountain back?

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