Art by Pete Paulos

Story by Laurie

Art by Pete Paulos

Genre: Slash (Jim/Blair) Future Sci-Fi classist society
Rating: Mature
Warnings (artwork): Semi Nudity. (Bare chest)
Warnings (story): Rape
Wordcount: 37,000
Author's Note: My utmost thanks go to the people who made this story possible: the mods, Patt and Morgan, for their hard work (and for granting me an extension), Patt for being the best cheerleader, Bluewolf for the fantastic and speedy beta, and Pete, for the dreamy artwork.

Summary: Book Three in A Glimmering From Afar series. A task force created to put a stop to the human trafficking of bastards to fund a terrorist group asks for Jim's and Blair's help, using a sweet-root and stick approach. If they agree, they will be risking their bond, their lives, and for Blair, his mind and body.

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