The Silence of Eagle's Nest - Art by Mella

Art by Mella

Story by Morgan Briarwood

Genre: Slash (non-explicit), Crossover (Doctor Who)
Rating: All ages
Warnings (artwork): None.
Warnings (story): Minor angst and injury
Wordcount: 7,200
Author's Note: Thanks to Patt for the beta and to Mella for her inspiring artwork I've been a fan of Doctor Who since Tom Baker's days in the TARDIS, but this is my first DW fanfic (that may be a warning *s*).

Summary: Five years ago, Jim was a cop in Cascade. Now he's a sherrif in a frontier town a hundred years ago. How did it happen? A crazy man in a blue box, that's how. More important, how will he ever get back home?

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